Game Update January 2024



Happy New Year! May 2024 be a great year for all who read this.


Actinate and I have wanted to give a brief update on the State of the Game!


We are continuing our rebalancing of the game and making progress inbetween the turmoil that is “Real Life” and what the unfortunate events in 2020 caused for many of us. Progress has been made but a bit slower than we’d like. For 2024, there is more of a concentrated effort to finish what we started and eventually get back to RPing and being able to better support RP in general!


This is our tentative plan for 2024 for major projects:

  1. Continue adjusting the 4 base classes (Fighter, Mage, Cleric, and Rogue) with a larger rewrite.
  2. Convert the remaining classes to use the new Damage Tier System that was piloted in the Solar Magus Class. This will fix many of the issues with the other classes.
  3. Introduce the Cosmic Herald class (currently in design).
  4. Adjust and re-release the Arcanist class.
  5. Create a new progression system that will replace the Master Specs, likely the Evo System, and LAS. With the goal in supporting unique off-shoots for players easier. These systems mentioned are large projects and given our limited resources it is unrealistic to really implement them (eg: 10 master specs for each class where each master spec has 3 sub-specs of 15 abilities each). As we get closer more information will be released.


Of course, there will be additional smaller changes and we must adjust accordingly but those are the big projects we’d hope to hit in order to shift to RP full time. We really want to make sure the game is in a solid mechanical state before diving deep into RP.


Thank you for playing and your continued support to ATS! It is a pleasure to have you here!

Day and Act

Still In Beta Testing

gears2We are still in beta testing and it has gone well over the past 5.5 years. Many improvements and progress has been made.


We are buckling down to complete the final tasks so we can open. We are focusing on the list of final priorities in order to finish the game.


Thanks for your continued support towards this very important matter.

A Tempest Season Officially Opens!


State of the Game – 08/2019



We have been open for 1 month! I say it’s a success. We have had many RP events, fun encounters, and little side quests happening. Our first event, the infestation of the Essence bugs will be concluding soon, in around 2 weeks (unless RP takes it in a different direction).

The RP Helpers have been a huge success. Actinate and I thank each and everyone one of you that have assisted in bringing the game to life. Thank you for everything!

And of course, thanks to the players – old and new. You all really bring out the potential this game has to offer and I know it has a bright future.

I want to talk about a few quick tidbits that some of you have been asking me:

1. We are going to be putting up ads, listings, and posts, after the current event concludes. More information will be coming after the current questline finishes, including daily voting links. We are going to have to really rely on the word of mouth to get more players to try the game!
2. The remainder of the year my plan is to redesign the Ethari and then begin and hopefully finish the Gear Evolution System.
3. Lunar Sages are going to be coming out in 2020. I hope to start them after the Gear Evo system completes.
4. Master specs will in 2020. Their design is related to the Gear Evo system so I need ample time to see how the evo system goes before nailing down the concrete details for how these will exactly work. I also need to come up with a faster way to make abilities. I may try to come up with a system where the community can help build these specs.
5. For trade skills and crafting, I am unsure of when this will be started, probably in 2020 or 2021. It’s a big project.

We are going to be ramping up the RP storylines and events, including visiting Merchants, for the remainder of the year.

Again, thank you all for your support over the years and through the opening. It has been great!

All the Helpers